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ID: # IMC000001337

Exorbitant Billing 1 Review

My Vodafone no is ***********. Vodafone has charged me around Rs. 25000 for making and received around 4-6 international calls when I was on move. Their claim is that I have used data. In fact, I had not enabled data connection at all during the dates of their claim and I was only on WIFI. Their claim is that, even when I use WIFI, they enable/activate data connection even if we do not enable data connection. Following are their contention. This facility I have not asked for. 1. Automatic check for email: Customers who set their device to automatically check for emails in 15, 30, or 60 minute intervals are incurring international data charges, even if no email is downloaded. In case correct procedure of logging out from surfing session is not followed, connectivity with the server does not get terminated, hence leading to data transfer at frequent time intervals. Hence it is advisable to log-out properly before terminating a session. 2. When you use WIFI signal on your handset or device and WIFI signal happens to fluctuate or goes weak, your device will automatically fall back on mobile data and will attract mobile data charges as per data plan subscribed. I re confirm that I had not enabled data connection and did not request for above options/facility. Please look into the matter Thanks Giridhar Advocate