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Cheated by Whaaky ,sent wrong product intentially

Dear Concern, Thanks for your pathetic service and quality. I am a regular online purchaser from last few year, to my knowledge best I've never been cheated and misguided by any of the service provider. What a pathetic online portal you are !!! Below mentioned was the order i placed on 6th may,which i followed many times for its status. Let me reiterate my order, the order number was S801457816 ,it was two branded jeans for 36" waist.To my surprise i got two jeans of different sizes of both none of them was of 36". Moreover one jean seems to be taken out from a garbage store and packed shipped to me. Very disappointed.. Another one is seems to be low waist 28" ladies jeans. It seems some one who is out of mind has directed to pack it or shipped it. Very disappointed with the services,Hence you are requested to revert on it and put the garbage back to your warehouse. On the same time you are advised to refund my money to the respective amount without reminder. P.S-Dont expect me to courier it back.I'm not supposed to do such non productive things. Regards Vishal Gandhi ***********