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Wrong product received

I ordered combo of two Kurtis of rs900 but I received a cheapest saree. The company have no any return address facility. Please return my money as soon as possible



I have ordered for nokia 3310 mobile phone from your website and received a china Piece or unrelated item . I have paid 1500/- INR to your Xpress bee courier guy i have every proof for what i have ordered and what i have received.


jbl T112 bluetooth my order

worng prodect delivered

order no.18556 13 jun 2019 my order was jbl T112 Bluetooth headset but you delivered Jbl T110 in headphones wired pls replace my product Mob.9323686758


Accessories deal

Wrong product

Dear sir/madam, I was ordered the combo offer of sony headphone with Samsung ear buds.on 9' th june in accessories deal online shopping in Facebook. The cost of offer is 1,790 rps. Today, 14 ' th june @3:30 I receiving the package . In this package its the JBL wired headphone. I having the package opening video. My order I'd is AD26974 . I'll send you the photos of wrong product. My contact number is 9585845749. Email [email protected] please help me sir....



Product was worst and teared clothes

I ordered for 2 Kurtis but came one as well it was fully teared for that i paid 900 Rupees pleas try not to cheat any body there is no proper return policies


Wrong product received

I ordered designer gown they send very low quality saree instead of designer gown, they are not answer in mail or customer care no. 9509555215 which is given by, they are still not picking wrong parcel and also not yet refund.... Last 15 days I am trying to call them, mail them but they are not answering



Fraudulent transition to bank account

A number of illegal transition took place on my SBI bank account . on 6/7/2018 first two transition of 10000 and 5900 made from MAGAD after this there were continuous fraud transition happening except the date 14/9/2018 when my parent send me 7000. there are many debt and credit are completely strange to me . even after complaining to my my branch they did't make me clear about this all. i concern them again and again but completely wasting of three month they didn't give any satisfactory response . so after that a complain to banking ombudsman where i registered my complain on 19/3/2019 . till the date they not solved this issue even they not responding the mail.

    Conversation (Flipkart Internet

Flipkart-2gud delivery wrong item- fraud and cheated me - not received refund -harrasing

I ordered Moto G4 Plus on 24th may with order id OD115557218511591100 of (This is owned by Flipkart Internet Private Limited) and Paid amount Rs 4319 through SBI internet banking with transaction Ref no -808477481IGAGFCLOG3 .This ordered is delivered by EKART Logistics on 30th may,2019 .After Receiving the product ,i saw that this was not a moto g4 plus which i particularly ordered .it was a nokia keypad phone with charger and faulty battery .inner Product box was not a 2gud wrapping box ,it was not a seal packed and not any wrapping sealed.inner box is a unbranded green colour normal box.there is no warranty card or any bill/invoice in the inner this way i was cheated and fraud by 2gud and it's seller. I have all proof of unboxing video and screenshot and all call recording with 2gud customer support .Then on same day I complained that matter to 2gud customer support with complaint no -IN1905301941352064386 and request for return and refund with return Id -12101560808099911237 and pick up date was fixed to 1th june ,2019 and refund mode was set to original payment mode during order placed time .But on 1th june ekart wish master came to pick up and denied to pick up and cancelled the pick up .Wish master told me that we got the return pick up request from but in this request they does not clearly mention the issue and they send us to pick up motorola mobile and they did not mention here any different brand and different item reason in our delivery Application.Wish master also told me that your complaint is you got different brand and item ,so why this 2gud sending us in this type of pick up request mentioning motorola brand name.After that i contacted with 2gud customer support on same day 1th june and told them the matter and 2gud customer support promised me telling that don't worry sir we know your issue very well and we further placing your return request with return id -12101562406563356425 and refund set to original mode and pick up date was fixed by 3th june ,2019 .after that on 3th june wish master came to pick up and denied with mentioning same fault by 2gud and cancelled the return pickup .Then i contacted with customer support on same day 3th june .2019 and the customer support told me that we are escalating your issue to our concerned and backend team with complaint no -IN1906021438455045145 and we will solve your issue with in 24 to 48 hours .then on 4th june ,Arpita srivastav from concerned team called me and told me that sir we solved the issue which was occuring during pick up by ekart and further we are placing your return request with return id -12101565109286324180 and refund mode is original payment mode .and pick up date was fixed by june 5th ,2019 and she also told me that if same problem will occur when ekart wish master will come then you will tell them not to cancel the return pick up and immediately you will call us .after that on 5th june ,2019 wish master came and same problem as above mentioned .I told to wish master not to cancel the return pick up as 2gud customer concerned team agent Arpita srivastav told me to wish master rescheduled this pick up by 8th june and wish master told me that tell the 2gud customer support to contact with Ekart logistics Bandel chinsurah office by correcting their inappropriate return pick up request with detail clarification and correct cause and removing specific motorola brand name and mentioning wrong item with different brand and item for smooth pick I contacted with 2gud support and told them this all fact and i also gave them wish master phone no which i received by 2gud by sms .during 5th to 8th june i contacted with them many times ,always they were telling give us 48 to 72 or 24 to 48 hours to solve the issue.complaint no is IN1906050945542466557 during 5th to 8th june .But no resolution from them . on 8th june wish master came and don't pick up and rescheduled by 10th june .I contacted many times with 2gud support but same drama by them as was in previous days.On 10th june wish master came and don't pick up and rescheduled by 12th june ,2019 .i conplained further in 2gud with complaint no IN1906101111308694381 and contacted with them and also send email to them.but no result ,no resolution ,no successfull return pick up ,and i have not received my money Rs 4319 till now. from 30th may to till 11th june,2019 i went through this complaint no -IN1905301941352064386 ,IN1906021438455045145 ,IN1906050945542466557 & IN1906101111308694381 and Return Id - 12101560808099911237,12101562406563356425 ,12101565109286324180 and many many times i contacted with support team .I have all proof ie. unboxing video ,screenshots ,print & all tele communication recording with 2gud customer support and their concerned team.In this way they cheated and fraud with me and doing drama and harrassing and wasting my time.I want refund of my money including extra cost for mental agony & harrasment as soon as possible.




Dear Team, I have purchase Apple wireless Airpods with MIC through INVOICE number 636 Date: 06-06-2019. It has the following defect, Not working and having very low quality product. I need to return the product and can you process the refund. Rds SANJAY PURABIYA 6359-648013 / 98252-10293




Dear Team, I have purchase Airpods wireless with MIC through INVOICE number 452 dt 2019-06-04 It has the following defect, Not working and having very low quality product. I need to return the product and can you process the refund Rds DEVENDRA PRASAD 9739903777


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