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State Bank Of India (SBI)

Money reversal

Dear sir, The amount of 22259 /- detucted from the a/c 51087583388 On 12/07/2018 has not reversed in account . this transaction was done by using the debit card . But the transaction was failed. My two complaints are closed by bank.


Gizmatic online shopping

Gizmatic Online shopping

I've ordered 3 shirts basing on an advertisement on Facebook. I ordered it on COD for Rs 999/- The seller has sent used and irrelevant shirts. My order no. GZM 12853. There is no adderss on package to return it.


Ica edu skills pvt ltd

Salary not credited

I am ex employee of ica edu skills pvt Ltd in bangalore and its head office is in kolkataa I have resigned my job in the month end of January still salary not credited Iwas under probation period



Shirt size short& clars different chang me 3 shirts

Short size shirts& color different


I don't have received Order

Sir, I have ordered shoes on 15/07/2016 which also got a message on my mobile number and got the bill after order but my problem is that I have not received the shoes I have ordered so far and I call him on his customer care number and no one is picking up a phone or answering the email. So, I just pray to you that you help me either order me or my pai Area to back ten I have an Order 808.38 money and an Order 808.38 I paid to be two orders that I have more to you evidence of action from the pay as soon as possible.


Myntra Online Shopping

Refund Fraud

I had purchased products from Myntra online portal and paid them through my net banking and Credit card (emi) total refund against below Order no. 110930184804280365003 110912987467616305801 110912433061021095503 110912428259700779003 110893738873063794501 110912397992202232801 110909056670607641001 110901493739600862001 Below mention Ed is the refund history from Myntra itself. As per our telephonic conversation, Please find below the transaction reference number for your reference. Kindly have this checked with the bank to know the status of the refund. 1 110930184804280365003 2019-05-13 "74332749133913211527296 Rs.143.81 2 110930184804280365003 2019-05-13 "74332749133913211546809 Rs.405.80 3 110930184804280365003 2019-05-13 "74332749133913207616103 Rs.143.81 4 110930184804280365003 2019-05-15 "74332749135913401534829 Rs.405.80 5 110912987467616305801 10.05.2019 "74332749130912963750588 Rs.1400.95 6 110912987467616305801 13.05.2019 "74332749131913083436347 Rs.1003.38 7 110901493739600862601 2019-05-10 "74332749130912963244673 Rs.856.00 8 110901493739600862601 2019-05-10 "74332749130912964732460 Rs.844.00 9 110901493739600862601 2019-05-10 "74332749130912963451666 Rs.1049.00 10 110901493739600862601 2019-05-13 "74332749131913015057765 Rs.708.00 11 110901493739600862601 2019-05-13 "74332749131913081428197 Rs.1932.00 12 110901493739600862601 2019-05-15 "74332749135913469458499 Rs.519.00 13 110901493739600862601 2019-05-15 "74332749135913471646677 Rs.825.00 14 110901493739600862601 2019-05-15 "74332749135913499058947 Rs.417.00 15 110901493739600862601 2019-05-15 "74332749135913400522627 Rs.1175.00 16 110901493739600862601 2019-05-15 "74332749135913472751641 Rs.778.00 17 110901493739600862601 2019-05-17 "201912618310295 Rs.534.00 18 110901493739600862601 2019-05-17 "201912618310295 Rs.1562.00 19 110901493739600862601 2019-05-17 "201912618310295 Rs.719.00 20 110901493739600862601 2019-05-17 "201912618310295 Rs.524.00 21 110901493739600862601 2019-05-17 "201912618310295 Rs.459.00 22 110901493739600862601 2019-05-17 "201912618310295 Rs.657.00 23 110893738873063794501 2019-05-07 "191254510056 Rs.463.00 24 110893738873063794501 2019-05-07 "191254510056 Rs.535.26 25 110893738873063794501 2019-05-07 "191254510056 Rs.749.00 26 110893738873063794501 2019-05-07 "191254510056 Rs.681.00 27 110893738873063794501 2019-05-14 "191254510056 Rs.414.60 28 110893738873063794501 2019-05-15 "191254510056 Rs.1200.00 29 110893738873063794501 2019-05-15 "191254510056 Rs.629.00 30 110893738873063794501 2019-05-15 "191254510056 Rs.441.95 31 110893738873063794501 2019-05-17 "191254510056 Rs.807.00 32 110893738873063794501 2019-05-17 "191254510056 Rs.407.95 from this they have only refunded rs. 6200/- to me I have got a confirmation from my bank that they haven't received money from Myntra. This is going on from May 15 2019 onwards till now and Myntra is not returning my money.


Service not delivered

Sir i have booked a new airtel dth connection from the mentioned site on 13.07.2019. The representative assured me your connection would be setup in 4 - 6 hour and he also informed me about the scheme for first 100 customers(1 shoes of rs1600 and rs 2000 voucher) and said me idf u booked this time u will get that scheme. From that very day everyday i am calling on customet care number of the site and they always say the connection will be install before the end of day. The cost of dish from the site is 1899 for which they charged me 499 for booking and the rest amount after connection setup. Sir kindly take some strict action towards these cheaters and eithetr instruct them for connection settlement or refund my amount to me with compensation. Also impose heavy fine to such compaies so that no one can be cheated by them


Wrong product delivered

I had ordered a watch from this site but they delivered a wrong product that they do not even have on their site and web page, also the watch delivered does not even work. I have been trying to contact them since Friday the day that watch was delivered via mail n through calls but there has been no response, also I would like to let you know this is my second complaint on the same subject, please help



Wrong product delivered

First I did not receive what I had ordered then the product did not work, it was a watch, the watch delivered is not on their web page as well, third I have been trying to contact then via mail n call but there has been no response



Bad product quality (Refund)

I have purchaesd 3 pair of red tape shoes from Amazon last month but one of them (order number 406-2124075-8144318 ) has been damaged within 1 month because of poor quality or I don't think this is orzinal shoes. Now on 12 july I called customer care one of lady said we will take this product back and give u refund now next day one pickup boy came and first he said that u have used these shoes I said yes I have issue with quality I had a discussion with customer care that's why you came here now he says that I'm not able to scan bar code for this product due to technical issue i"ll come back after sometime, and then after 30 minutes i got message that ur pickup has been cancelled. Now I again called customer care this time onther lady said sir we"ll arrange a new pick up for you on 14 July. Now on 14 july first I got message that ur pickup will be done today but no one called me or neither any pickup boy came and I got message that ur pickup has been cancelled. Now since 12th of july i am regularly calling to customer care they are genrating pickup daily and daily i am getting message that pickup has been cancelled without any call.Now I just wanna know how long I need to call customer care and how many mails i need to send for my refund they guys are not taking this serously. this is a kind of mentally harassment Please look into this matter whosoever reeive this mail i just need my refund ASAP.


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