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Iamcheated.com was conceived in the year 2013 to provide consumers a hassle-free platform to shout out their concerns and get them heard. The idea was incubated for a couple of years before we formally kicked off in April 2015. They say, if you hold on an idea for long it refines for better and if you hold on for longer, you eventually kill your own brainchild. Iamcheated.com was refined every single day for better and before we set our foot in this space, we ensured we engage with every single stake holder of ours with utmost respect and authority.

In a nutshell, we connect the dissatisfied consumers to the brand owners. Iamcheated.com provides both the consumers and the brand owners a chance to speak to each other. No more cheating - Happy Consumers! No more fake complaints and bad-mouthing - Happy Brand Owners! We believe the world is rested on a thread of trust and we endeavour hard to not let the thread be broken!



1. What is Iamcheated.com?

Iamcheated.com is a free online platform wherein a customer who is seeking resolution of a complaint can post the complaint/dissatisfaction against any brand/company. Once the complaint is posted on our website, it is immediately sent to the concerned brand/company for resolution. Iamcheated.com has a large pool of registered brand who themselves look regularly for any complaint against them. They then resolve your complaint.

Usually it takes less than 5 working days before the complainant gets a response from the company/brand. The customer is also given a choice to connect to a lawyer for free legal advice in case he/she is not satisfied with the response from the company in 5 working days.

2. Why should I choose Iamcheated.com?

Iamcheated.com is the only free consumer redressal platform of India with 10 lacs+ registered Companies and more than 50,000+ registered Consumers. We do not charge a single rupee from the consumers, be it for any type of complaints against any brand, and still are able to in to every 4 of the 5 complaints posted on our website. Iamcheated.com follows a methodology wherein every complaint posted by a consumer is thoroughly scrutinized to ensure there is no fake complaint. This enhances the brand's trust in us and they work tirelessly to resolve each complaint posted on our website.

In case a consumer is not satisfied with the Company's response, Iamcheated.com has a pool of registered legal experts who provide free legal assistance to the complainants if asked for. Above all, Iamcheated.com values your time and ensures every complainant hears back from the brand/company within 5 working days.

3. How can I post my complaint against any brand?

Any consumer can post a complaint by clicking on "Lodge your Complaint" tab on our home page. When you log in for the first time there is a 30 second registration process which is very important for us to maintain the authenticity of every complaint posted. After successful registration, you can log-in to our web site which is facilitated by a One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number/e-mail and post your complaint. Your complaint will then reflect in your dashboard.

4. How much time does it usually take before my complaint is resolved?

Usually it takes less than 5 working days after the complaint is posted on our website for the consumer to hear back from the concerned brand/company. Incase further clarification is not sought by the company the complaint is usually resolved in 5 working days.

5. Does Iamcheated.com guarantee that every complaint posted will be resolved?

No, Iamcheated.com does not guarantee that every complaint posted on its website will be resolved. But, our experience says, in more than 80% cases brands take the complaints very seriously to avoid bad-mouthing and protection of their reputation and a majority of such complaints are resolved.

6. I feel, I have been cheated when I purchased a Holiday Trip to Ladakh from an online travel portal, can I post the complaint on Iamcheated.com?

Yes. You can post your complaint against any company/brand offering any kind of service or product. You just need to select the company/brand from the drop down menu while lodging your complaint.

7.What if, the company which cheated me is not there in the drop down menu while submitting the complaint?

Though we are working tirelessly to include as many companies/brands as we can, thereare chances that the company you wish to complain against is not present in the drop down. In such cases, you can type the registered name of the company in the box provided and post your complaint. Our team will then verify the details and shall approve it within 48 hours. We ensure, you would not have to type it again the next time you visit!

8. What if my complaint is not resolved by the company after 7 days of posting it?

Usually, it does not take more than 5 working days before you hear back from the company.It might take longer to resolve the complaint depending on the severity of the complaint. In case you are not satisfied with the pace of progress of your complaint, you are provided with a 'Consult a Lawyer' button in your dashboard. You can then seek legal advice for free regarding your complaint from one of our registered legal Experts. Or you can shout out in the social media. Remember, Bad Mouthing is the most haunted demon for any company/brand!

9. How do you ensure the privacy of my contact details?

We do not share any consumer's contact details with anyone other than the concerned brand/company owners against whom the complaint has been filed. The brand/company owners' details are verified before we send across your contact details to them as well. Sharing your contact information with the concerned company is necessary in order to facilitate them in resolving your complaint. No other person shall in any means will be able to see your details other than your name and the city. Selling or renting the database is strictly against our ethics and so we do not indulge in such activities.


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Though Iamcheated.com strives most to authenticate every complaint posted on its website, it shall not be liable in case of any fraudulent post by any user on the website. The contents posted by users are their own views and Iamcheated.com shall not be held responsible in case of any defamation of a particular brand/company. If a company/brand feels so, Iamcheated.com will provide full contact details as available with us in utmost responsibility and shall take actions against such user if proven guilty.


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