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It is compulsory to avail a motor insurance policy if you have your own vehicle and you should renew that policy each year. Availing motor insu

How to claim insurance on a stolen car? Research Team    August 02, 2018  7:37:pm

Motor vehicle theft in India has been increasing each year. According to statistics, more than four vehicles are stolen every hour in the national capital and the number of car thefts increased fro

Mistakes That Leads To Rejection Of Auto Insurance Research Team    July 27, 2018  6:51:pm

As soon as the vehicle meets with an accident, the policyholder should inform the insurance company, regarding the damages. After this the insurance company will conduct a thorough investigation an

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It is very important to avail motor insurance for your vehicle. But unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the various motor insurance terms.

List Of Exclusions In A Life Insurance Plan Research Team    May 29, 2018  7:29:pm

The insurer will pay nominee the sum assured/death benefits if an insured event occurs as per the terms and conditions of the life insurance plan. Insurers want to protect themselves and avoid loss

Top Mis-selling Tricks By Insurance Agents Research Team    February 07, 2018  8:01:pm

Trick No.1: Insurance agent forces you to buy a life insurance plan with high sum assured Some insurance agents will force you to avail life insurance