Health Insurance Myths Research Team    December 31, 2018  6:52:pm

Availing a health insurance plan is a very important step in your life. It helps you save on the medical bills when you fall ill. Unfortunately, most Indians don't avail health insurance plans.

What To Do If You Are Mis-sold Financial Products By Bank? Research Team    December 12, 2018  4:59:pm

Mis-selling of financial products by banks is on the rise. There has been an increase in the number of complaints filed with the banking ombudsman on mis-selling by banks. Mis-selling refers to sel

How your Insurance agent may cheat you? Research Team    November 13, 2018  9:01:am

Availing insurance is a major part of financial planning. It is compulsory to avail insurance, if you are the breadwinner of the family. People these days have understood the value of life insuranc

Tips to Follow While Selling a Pre-Owned Car Research Team    September 25, 2018  6:25:pm

I want to sell my used car. How to sell my car fast? How do I get the best price for my used car? These are the most common questions by a car owner who wants to sell his car. Selling a p

Cyber Fraud Insurance Research Team    September 12, 2018  6:11:pm

The Internet is without a doubt, one of the greatest inventions of all time. Trying to quantify its impact is futile, as it has pervaded literally on every aspect of life. According to Statista - a

How to make a claim on the Third Party Insurance? Research Team    September 06, 2018  2:28:pm

The number of road accidents in India is alarmingly high. The death toll in the year 2017 exceeded 1,50,000. In addition, the number of people sustaining injuries and damage to vehicles is astoundi

How to Renew Car Insurance? Research Team    September 11, 2018  5:43:pm

India is a fast growing market for the automobile industry, with the biggest names vying for a chunk of the market share. According to the 2018 report of the U.N World Urbanization Prospects, about

How Customers Get Cheated While Taking Health Insurance? Research Team    September 11, 2018  5:05:pm

India is a country that has a majority of its population living in rural areas. Health Insurance in India has very low penetration. The lack of awareness on what Health Insurance is and why it is u

How to find if you have unclaimed insurance money? Research Team    August 01, 2018  7:32:pm

Unclaimed insurance money is the amount due to the policyholders or beneficiaries but has not been claimed for more than 6 months after th

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Availing a life insurance policy is a must, if you have dependents and is the first step of financial planning. Life insurance plans help

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Availing a Term Life Insurance Plan is the first step in financial planning. You must avail this plan if you have financial dependents. Term L

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It’s a must to avail a health insurance plan for you and family, as medical costs are rising each day. Not having health insurance will burn a hole in your pocket, if you or family members fa

How To Judge A Life Insurance Agent? Research Team    July 19, 2018  7:00:pm

The Life insurance sector in India is growing as many people are availing life Insurance. As the sector keeps growing, insurance agents who sell life insurance plans are also increasing in number.

Top 4 Myths On Health Insurance Research Team    June 15, 2018  7:43:pm

Availing a health insurance plan is an important step in your financial life. As hospital expenses are rising each day, not having health insurance can burn a hole in your pocket. But, there are ce

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When you complete your student life and start working, you might still be in the hangover of student life. You could be very careless about your belongings in the rented house where you live. You d

Reasons Why Individuals Must Have Cyber Insurance Research Team    June 12, 2018  7:54:pm

After demonetization, India is fast moving towards becoming a digital economy and many citizens have started using cashless modes of transactions. Even though many are adopting digital payments, th

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Frauds in the banking sector are quite common these days. Fraudsters use a number of tricks to steal your hard-earned money. Fraudsters collect your personal banking information through Smishing, P

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Fake auto insurance plans? Can this happen? It’s hard to believe that the motor insurance plan you recently availed, could be a fake. If you buy an

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IT Companies have made India famous across the World. They are contributing Big-Time to the growth of the Indian economy. The rapid growth in the IT sector is because of a number of individual succ

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Many people just avail a loan without thinking about the consequences and end up falling into a loan trap. To come out of the debt trap, they struggle even harder. To avoid falling into the loan tr

What is Cancelled Cheque? Why Is It Used? Research Team    April 26, 2018  7:43:pm

Almost everyone is aware of payments through cheque, but many are still confused what a cancelled cheque means. When most of the banking services have gone online, issuing a cancelled cheque needs

Tips To Save Money While Renewing A Car Insurance Plan Research Team    April 21, 2018  7:20:pm

If you own a car, you must renew your car insurance every year. You can save a lot of money while renewing your car insurance by following the tips mentioned below. Compare diffe

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You love your car and have availed car insurance to protect it. But, what if this nightmare unfolds? What if the insurer does not settle your c

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Availing a health insurance plan is a must, as medical expenses are increasing day by day. If you do not have health insurance, you will

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As life insurance is availed to provide safety against future uncertain circumstances, it is very important to know each and every detail of the life insurance policy you buy.  One of the main

How To Complain Against Your Insurer? Research Team    March 13, 2018  3:36:pm

Do you feel the insurer is neglecting your needs? Do you find the insurer is not processing a proposal, servicing an insurance plan or processing your claim? You can register a complaint

Tips To Protect Yourself From Insurance Fraud Research Team    February 07, 2018  6:53:pm

Day by day, insurance fraud in India is rising.  The most common way of cheating is by fraudsters, pretending to be IRDA representatives. Fraudsters pose as representatives of the Insurance Re

Know Your Financial Rights Research Team    February 14, 2018  2:56:pm

Financial literacy is very low in India. Many people (agents) who deal with financial products, use this lack of financial literacy, to try to cheat citizens. In this blog, we will discuss the fund