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With the intention of bringing transparency and fair price practices in the real estate sector in India, the government launched the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, RERA, on 1st

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The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016, (RERA) was introduced in the year 2017 and there has been a lot of talk going on stating that it has not brought many changes in the real estat

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Frauds in real estate are very common. Fraudulent sellers cheat innocent customers of their hard earned money. So, you should be very careful while investing your hard earned money in a property. I

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Many builders advertise their property online on various e-commerce websites, where you can buy a property with a single click. You can search for the property and check for size of the property, p

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You must be aware of the frauds that take place in real estate. Fraudulent builder’s cheat innocent customers of their hard earned

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Benami property refers to a property without a name. In Hindi Benami means without name. So property bought by a person, not under his true name is called a Benami Property. Even though th

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Protect Yourself Against Unfair Practices Of Builders The demand for residential apartments and residential property is rising in India. More and more youth are buying

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1. Visit the RERA website The Government launched RERA on 1st May 2017 with the intention of bringing fair practice and transparency to the real estate sector. Under RERA, all builders